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DSM Productions Working Towards Carbon Zero

As part of our Environmental Responsibility we are proud to be a part of the Eco Point Scheme, helping to plant millions of trees worldwide.

Producing outstanding events can come at a price, and not just financially. The logistics involved in getting equipment from our warehouse to site can be complex and, if not done correctly, can create an unnecessary amount of pollution which is why we’ve decided to join the Eco Point Scheme. No matter how well maintained, new or efficient vehicles are they still create pollution that’s why, through our fuel card provider, we make a monthly donation to help to offset the carbon that our vehicles emit. We are helping to plant millions of trees worldwide in an effort to push DSM closer to becoming carbon neutral.

Our commitment to the Environment:

  • Reduce the amount of consumables used
  • Re-use packaging and consumables where possbile
  • Recycle the waste that our warehouse, office and event sites produces, avoiding the amount sent to landfill
  • Keep vehicles efficient as possible using the most direct and efficient routes to and from event sites
  • Use sustainable power sources where available
  • Limit the use of single use plastics, and other materials, where practically possible
  • Work with our supply chain to reduce packaging and, in turn, reduce the impact on the environment

We are dedicated to delivering sustainable and outstanding events across the UK and worldwide.


For more information on the Eco Point Scheme please visit:


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