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DSM Productions and the environment

Like many companies, DSM understands that the work we do can have a negative effect on the environment. We’re not a big fan of this and that’s why we have released our Environmental Policy to outline our commitment to protecting our world.

Even as a small, family run business it shouldn’t matter when it come to environmental protection. We strongly believe that if we can optimise how we do business, and help to encourage both our clients and suppliers to follow suit, then we can make a massive and positive impact.

Small adjustments such as not printing that email or walking to grab a bottle of milk instead of driving all help to reduce our carbon footprint and ultimately save money. The two go hand in hand, turn light off when not in use, set heating a degree lower and maintaining our fleet all help to save the environment and money.


You can read our full environment policy here

If you would like further information about our product and services please do get in touch and we would be more than happy to make your event as green as possible.

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