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Business Update – March 2021… Is the end of the tunnel in sight?

As we come to the end of Q1 2021, we just wanted to give you an update of where DSM Productions is and where we are heading… but we’ll keep it short & sweet

2020 saw the entire world come to a virtual standstill. When the UK went into it’s first lockdown on the 23rd March 2020 our diary had already emptied. The warehouse fell silent… On the 13th March all our events for the foreseeable future had either cancelled or postponed. Little did any of us think that we would still be at a standstill 12 months down the line, but we are. However, following the Prime Minister’s announcement of the road map last week we have seen an increase in web activity & enquiries.

With the ban on mass gathering this has meant that conferences, awards, celebrations, festivals and more live events have effectively been illegal to host or attend. Virtual events have become the new normal & hybrid events will soon start to take shape but this pandemic has helped to realise new goals at DSM Productions and forge new relationships.

2021 will be the year we come back bigger and better than before.

We are currently in talks about an exciting move and are quoting for jobs we’ve not seen before such as festivals, film & more… We are looking at our entire operation to improve our environmental sustainability and bring new ways of working to the industry to help make events sustainable. Research & Development will become a key aspect in our day-to-day operations and investment in new technology and people will help to push the company forward.

However all this cannot be achieved without the support of our clients and the creative industry as a whole. We’ve sat on many a webinar exploring new opportunities, learning about new tech & we’ve learned much about business over the last 12 months which we can take forward into the back end of 2021 and into 2022.

We’re excited to see what the future holds but there is one thing for sure: we’ll be ready when it comes!

Our warehouse is currently in operational readiness and we have a virtual theatre tour moving into the studio for 2 months from April. All our equipment has been  serviced, sanitised and is ready to go as soon as the restrictions allow us to return to work.

The next few months will still be a challenge but DSM Productions is ready to take on whatever challenges are thrown our way!

We Are DSM!

If you have any upcoming events such as award ceremonies, conferences, product launches or festivals we would love to get involved! We are currently looking to expand our client base and deliver more events across the UK. Get in touch with the team today to see how we can support you and make your event a success! 

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